You are Perfect as You Exist!




I’ve been expecting you…


It’s time to Remember…

Forget everything you thought you knew before!

Sebastian is a pure light in this world, and he reminds us at the deepest level of who we are, beyond the worldly conditioning of our personal identity and story…


My Heart is filled with so much joy that you’ve arrived, for I’ve been expecting you! Thank you for not giving up on you and for being courageous enough to show up just as you are, for “You are Enough!”

Every event that has taken place in your life has led you to this moment. Your experiences have not been in waste and nothing you’ve gone through is a mistake. You are not a mistake, and you don’t need fixing and healing. As you exist, you are perfect and whole my sweet beloved one.

This is the moment everything changes…

You see, every experience and human interaction you’ve had has been a part of the greater evolutionary unfoldment taking place inside of you, and it’s all been in preparation for now.

The question is, what will you do with this moment?

You are here reading this because, it’s time to Remember. Time to trust in the infinite intelligence of source, for this great architect knew what it was doing when it created you!

Deep within a seed was planted, and now it’s time for you to awaken to the remembrance of your infinite and imperishable Self. Your highest purpose is to remember, and awaken experientially to this truth as the very core of your existence.

Regardless of what our life situation and experiences have been, no matter our age, religious beliefs and ideology, underneath it all we are all the same, we are interconnected and we are all one. We all have the same potential and capacity to awaken from the limiting beliefs, and transcend the worldly conditioning of our identity and story.

I am deeply honored you are here and I look forward to being in your presence at an upcoming event my sweet beloved friend.

Thank you, thank you and with all my Heart, I Love You.


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In Loving Gratitude…


You are Perfect as you exist

it could be no other way! Every other conversation you’ve had with yourself up until this moment was a misconception and a dream.



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