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Self Transformational


Mentoring Program


My beloved friend, deep within, you know you are here to express and be so much more than what you are currently allowing yourself to have and be. You have a calling, a yearning to awaken and discover your heart centered expression and your innate natural gifts. You are here to Shine your light upon this World so brightly and shift the current paradigm, redefining what it means to be human. There is infinite potential and intelligence, which dwells within your very being that is waiting to be fully awoken to and accessed.

Would you like the opportunity to work intimately with Sebastian one on one and awaken to your infinite potential and service to Humanity?

Then this is for you.

If you are ready to fully expand and access all your energy then pay close attention. This is your time to finally break through the lower vibrational energies of self-limiting beliefs and conditioning, which are robbing you from accessing the fullness of your energy so that you can begin living the life you were born to live. The time is now and this is the energetic solution you’ve been searching for.

Sebastian was inspired and compelled to create this offering out of discovering that for many people, the lengthly gaps between being in presence for sustained periods of time, resulted in ones consciousness falling back into the old identified patterning if not consistently and continually energetically supported. It is not until our energetic frequency has raised high enough, that we can sustain full embodiment of presence and have access to all our energy and return back to our natural state of being. There is an energetic solution for every perceivable problem.

The only question which remains is, are you ready?


This program was designed for those who know that it’s time to live the life they were born to live and are ready to make the commitment to themselves and make a quantum shift in their lives, so if that sounds like you, we invite you to apply today.

Sebastian is taking only a select number of individuals, until the next program start date. We have only 3 remaining spots available, so apply today either by clicking the button below or using the form underneath the button.

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