Take a moment to get clear on why you are seeking council and share your current life situation and how you best feel Sebastian can support you in your journey at this time.

Please bare in mind, Sebastian's wait list is sometimes booked out months in advance. If you would like to be placed on the cancelation list, where you have the potential of being seen sooner, please indicate this is your message and we'd be happy to honor such a request. However, if you strongly feel you're in need of immediate vibrational support, Sebastian will discern whether this is required upon his energetic assessment of its source, and we'll respond to your inquiry within 48hrs, informing you of the message Sebastian received.

Please note* Every experience that's playing out before you, alongside the associated energies that are arising from within you as a result, are all part of your journey and none of these experiences are wrong or bad. They're occurring within you and serving your awakening if you're willing to move into a position of allowance and neutrality. It's from this level of awareness Sebastian may decline a request for immediate vibrational support, since there are no mistakes or accidents in consciousness. For everything in consciousness is working for you and you are to simply go through this portion of your transformation by yourself. Sebastian cannot and will not ever intervene or encroach upon your Soul's journey unless the energy reads that he can be of support without hindering or interfering in what you are here to experience and move through. Sebastian will never create any form of dependency between you and himself, rather he will always point you back to you, and assist you in laying a foundation where you will become your own spiritual authority and source your life from within yourself. This is true Freedom and the role Sebastian is here to play in your life and awakening. 

Serving your awakening with love and light,  

Sebastian and support family  

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