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Hello Dear One,


A few more bits of information and you'll be all set.

Please fill out the contact form you see below and provide us with the following information based upon the type of session you've selected during booking:

In Person Session - please provide us with your best contact phone number, in case we need to speak with you before your arrival.    Note: You'll receive an email from us that'll provide you with the location address of where your session will be held, along with a phone number in case you require assistance.  

Skype Video Session - please provide us with your Skype ID name, so that we can send a request to connect invitation. Also provide us with your contact phone number for backup in case Skype is not working for either party.

Phone Session - please provide us with your contact phone number that you'd like Sebastian to call you on at time of your appointment.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please be sure to fill out the contact form below in full using both your first and last name etc. Please include the date/time of your scheduled appointment in the body of message so we can match your records. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your journey of remembrance. Sebastian is looking forward to being in your Presence and supporting you in your intimate discovery.

Sebastian and Support Family,


Once we've received, we'll send you a final confirmation email to inform you that you're all set.

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