My Journey

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Sebastian shares a timeless gift of Presence, which supports people coming into Harmony and Vibrational Alignment with themselves…



is a pure light in this World, and he reminds us at the deepest level of who we are, beyond the worldly conditioning of our personal identity and story.

He’s a catalyst for transformation and a leading light in the World. Sebastian is unwaveringly committed to carrying this timeless gift of presence to people, reminding and reinforcing this eternal truth, which lies within the heart of everybody. His message is simple, but one can only come to know it directly through Love, which is your own true nature and universal Self. He gives you nothing, which is why it can never be lost.

He shares this timeless gift of presence through an energetic transmission, which support people moving into harmony and vibrational alignment with themselves. This infinite loving energy is available to everybody who is open to receiving this most precious gift.

Sebastian serves as a catalyst, and it’s only by this infinite loving presence that reignites in people the direct experience of their divinity.

Sebastian is devoted to supporting humanity at this time in transcending all forms of suffering while inspiring and empowering people to awaken to discover their true selves and infinite potential.


You may only come to know me through Love!

Your true nature is love itself, which is timeless, formless, boundless, unbroken and infinite in expression. Awakening to this dimension of life isn’t an act of becoming, doing or learning from outside of oneself, but rather accepting and allowing what already is within you to emerge in your willingness to deeply surrender to its presence.
— Sebastian
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My Journey


As a child I was aware of something infinitely greater than my current reality allowed me to see…


At an early age…


At an early age I became increasingly aware of my empathic nature and sensitive to life energy. I knew that there was way more to this reality than what I was presently experiencing and was led to believe in.

As a child, I had the direct knowing there was something more infinitely greater in experience available to us all. I knew I was here for greatness and a higher purpose and calling to serve, but as it was shown it wasn’t time to access this cosmic blueprint and embody my souls energetic signature just yet


Then it began…

Several inner mystical experiences began occurring. At first I thought I was dreaming, but then these experiences began entering into my physical reality. It all began when I started having visitations by Avatar Holy Saints.

I experienced being with them in the physical as they had me lie down on a mat in this room. They began working on my energy body, performing an energetic like surgery, pulling energies out of my field, increasing its vibration and frequency.

I felt I was being freed from the entanglement of worldly conditioning and my identity, and I couldn’t help but sense I was becoming nobody and being prepared for something.


*Photo taken by participant as a group of people were gathered around and holding the space while I was being held in the arms of the source of all life.

*Photo taken by participant as a group of people were gathered around and holding the space while I was being held in the arms of the source of all life.

Panache Desai  |  Amrit Desai  | Sebastian Watts

Panache Desai | Amrit Desai | Sebastian Watts



December 5, 2010 -

The day the Christ Light and Infinite Energy and Love of Source entered and filled my Heart…

A few weeks prior I had a spontaneous transcendent experience open one evening while meditation. Suddenly the entire room was filled with the most exquisite rose fragrance, which permeated the entire space, and I felt the presence of Mother Mary.

I now know I was being spiritually nourished by source and led by this infinitely loving presence to my Divine appointment with destiny that auspicious day in 2010, when at that moment my entire life changed, and I walked out of the life I had known.

I was in attendance of a weekend gathering called, “Awaken Your Soul Signature” held by a dear friend and brother, Panache Desai along with over a hundred other beautiful souls. I was not in search of anything at this point in my life. I came to be with myself, not from a place of self-lack, but from a place of simply being.

The awakening took place most spontaneous to the reality of what one calls God, as the living presence pervading all life, and in that moment a blissful detachment arose inside my being. I felt this awe-inspiring ever expanding energy that was everywhere present, suddenly my entire Being became filled with this supreme loving presence, and I knew the Christ light and infinite energy and love of source had entered and filled my Heart.

I was kissed by Grace and born anew…

This magnificent and glorious inner experience rooted me in this all pervading infinite love, and brought me into the recognition of the Self as pure awareness.


Living In Connection