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Living In Connection

  • A Mindfullness Life Center 10339 North Scottsdale Road Building B Scottsdale, AZ, 85253 United States (map)

$50 ONLINE | $45 Cash at the door! Exact Change, please. All credit card transactions must be made online in advance.

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Dress comfortably and feel free to bring something soft to sit on or to cover yourself with, as Sebastian will be placing you in Presence.

Sessions are an invitation to move into alignment and harmony with your true self. Your true self is perfect, unchanging and infinite in expression. Sebastian is unwaveringly committed to carrying this timeless gift or presence to people, reminding and reinforcing this eternal truth, which lies within the heart of everybody. His message is simple, but one can only come to know it directly through Love, which is your own true nature and universal Self.

Sebastian gives you nothing, which is why it can never be lost. His role is to acquaint you with your Light. This is his promise to you!


What happens to me in Sessions? Sessions are energetic and vibrational in nature and are purely spontaneous in their arising and expression. Everything that takes place when you’re in session is serving your awakening. Your role is to trust and hand your life over to life. You will energetically receive exactly what you require at this time, not what you think you need or want. This infinite loving presence and intelligence knows what you require. You will receive a Heart Opening Transmission and Activation, which increases your frequency to vibrate higher so that you become established in the heart. It is in our hearts we come into the direct experience of our true self and access our infinite potential. If there is any form of crying, shaking out or catharsis of any kind taking place, you are simply energetically releasing and going through a purification process. The cause of this occurs for many reasons, most of which are related to suppressed or repressed emotions.

Now is the time that everybody awakens to discover who they are. These events are an invitation to spiritual seekers and people of all faith who have a burning desire to directly connect to their divinity.


Download Program Flyer and Share with your community. Click Here