Hello dear one, thank you for showing up and responding to the call by Grace. My beloved friend, we are here to shift an entire species through embodying the fullness of ourselves, our light. None of this becomes possible unless we show up and energetically respond to that call and begin gathering together in the unified field of source. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it too requires us to show up in the fullness of ourselves, and through cooperation and collaboration it is our vibrations which bring the soul family of our communities together and begin anchoring the light all across this most beautiful planet to support the ascension for both mother earth and humanity.

Your letter will be received by me personally. As a support catalyst serving in the highest to anchor the light in your city/town, you’ll be part of an intimate group across the world, serving as pillars in your community and humanity. Please share your creative genius and the outreach of resources you personally have. Such as venue space you have or know of, or perhaps you know beautiful people in your community who have contact lists, and would love to support this expression and would lovingly share with all those who are walking the path and who also yearn for deep connection, community and to unite with soul family the opportunity to participate in these sessions and gatherings that will serve to anchor the light on the planet.

I look forward to connecting with you.



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