Hello my sweet beloved friend,

Thank you for showing up and answering the call. None of this becomes possible unless we respond to that evolutionary impulse within. As a host and support catalyst, you are serving in the highest and act as a pillar both in your community and across the world to anchor the light.

Please share your creative genius and the outreach of resources you have at your fingertips. Such as a growing contact list, venue options you know of, or perhaps you know people in your community who have a responsive contact list that would love to share Sebastian’s events. So many humans right now are beginning to slowly awaken and they yearn for connection, community, and to unite with soul family.

For your loving support in this role, you will receive spiritual guidance and support from me as my gift! In addition, we will have group calls for all the hosts around the World and work intimately together to support one another in sharing ways that will help increase the awareness of these events and sessions so people can come and receive the gift.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Sending you waves of love and light,


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