Welcome old friend, I've been waiting for you...

Your true nature is love itself, a timeless presence and field which is formless, boundless, unbroken and infinite in expression. Awakening to this dimension of life isn’t an act of becoming, doing or learning from outside of oneself, but rather accepting and allowing what already is within you to emerge in your willingness to deeply surrender to its presence.
— Sebastian

You are not separate from Life, you are Life, you are Divine in origin.

Sebastian is a leading light of the new age – through sharing this vibrational gift, he transmits the Divine Grace, which opens ones Heart, opening a connection to the divine self within. Sebastian would describe himself as being a reminder to you of your own true nature.

He shares a timeless gift of presence through a vibrational transmission, which serves as a Heart opening activation, a soul awakening. The energy that is here is available to all who are open to receiving this most precious gift and blessing at this time.

Sebastian serves as an instrument and it is only by grace that reignites in people the direct experience and remembrance of their true nature and highest potential.

Sebastian has devoted his life to supporting humanity at this time in transcending all forms of suffering, while empowering them to discover most intimately their oneness and connection with all of life.

You are here because you are looking for something higher then yourself, a higher purpose, a greater meaning in your life. There is no need at all to look outside of yourself for a divine entity. For you are yourself Divine. So, no matter where you are in your life experience, you are always in the position to rediscover your true self and express the fullness of all that you are here to be.