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The moment Sebastian brought in the energy I was wrapped in the most beautiful feeling of love I have ever experienced. Words can’t describe this beauty. I felt an immense vibrational shift within me. Since attending and being present with Sebastian I am more able to hear my ancestors and Ascended Masters, feel Mother Earth's energies and access higher states of consciousness within myself. My physical energy is better, my mind is clear and I am consistently in a state of love and acceptance. This was all a truly beautiful expression of great magnitude for which I am so grateful.

Linda C.  Richmond Hill, Ontario

Linda C. Richmond Hill, Ontario

Caro J.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Caro J. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Infinitely grateful for this amazing being, who traveled to Dublin and who gave me this gift of sharing the space he’s in with me! Being present with him unleashed me from so many limitations, hatred, and stuck energy and at the same time his loving infinite allowance, presence and touch assisted me in connecting with so much more of who I really am. If you get a chance to be with Sebastian, go for it...

"Falling into Grace" in Chicago was an amazing life altering event. Not only was Sebastian warm and funny but his energy has a way of supporting us into a new internal dialogue involving honesty, hope and courage. During the meditations, struggles and emotional issues came into my awareness and shifted while I watched on. I was reminded on a deeper level of my connection to other people, the earth and myself, not with words or thinking but just with a greater recognition in my heart that, “There is no place like Home”, and I am already there.

Chuck C.  MoonTownship, PA   Author of The End of Loneliness

Chuck C. MoonTownship, PA Author of The End of Loneliness

Katharina S.  Dusseldorf, DE

Katharina S. Dusseldorf, DE

The true beauty of being in Sebastian's presence was, he's not a magician or a healer. The role he plays is simply pointing a mirror in front of you. And you still look at the same one you've been looking at your entire life. But he has wiped and cleaned the blurred glass for you, so that even though the object being looked at is the same, it is the view and perception that has changed. And no change in circumstances in the world can ever come close to the shift that this newfound self acceptance and love brings. I don't feel restless anymore. I feel more at peace with my life and myself. I feel like I was on a long exhausting, energy draining search and now I lean back in a comfortable cosy chair. Thank you Sebastian, for that bright and crystal clear mirror you were to me. Because for the first time in my life I actually love what I see.

Falling Into Grace was exactly that - a gentle invitation to let go and be supported by Sebastian as we relaxed into ourselves and felt cradled by the Divine's love. The weekend was a beautiful reminder of the peace and love available to us all, even in the midst of our hectic daily lives. Time with Sebastian is a gift to yourself and everyone else whose life you touch and is not to be missed.

Sarah C.  MoonTownship, PA

Sarah C. MoonTownship, PA

Kathleen B.  Krystal Lake, IL

Kathleen B. Krystal Lake, IL

I felt the power of God work through Sebastian when I was “In Session” with him. It was as if I could feel the hand of the Divine touching my solar plexus. At that point, I knew I would never be alone.

I would have to say that for two days that followed my session, I was in utter BLISS! I couldn't do anything in my normal life that I was used to doing. Nothing seemed to matter in this 3D world. I felt like I was just going through the motions to get through what I knew I had to get done. Sitting and Doing Nothing was totally acceptable to me. The 3D didn't matter, and for those 2 days, I didn't feel I was in that reality.

Since then, I know that I have changed and am more keenly aware of a shift that has occurred within me and in my surroundings. I have felt more in sync with the plants and trees around me and especially Mother Earth.

                                                       I am grateful that I listened to the call to attend an evening with Sebastian!

I initially attended Sebastian's event with the thought of changing my financial story. After the very relaxing and meditative session was over, I wasn't sure that anything had "happened" and I went away with Sebastian's assurance that something would shift.

One week later, I received an email "out of the blue" from a past boyfriend who I knew as a teenager who I was raped by and then subsequently had a 10 yr crazy relationship with. I am now 53. That one incident and the years following created a lifetime of pain, anger, shame and guilt that shaped how I saw myself, men, my sexuality. I tried for years to let go of it all. I emailed him back and it turned out he was contacting me to apologize for the way he treated me and that he had many regrets. I was stunned and then what stunned me even more was that I was able to talk to him and share with him the impact of our years together and how it had impacted my life...without hostility, anger or blame!! I realized that I was FREE finally from the emotional turmoil and "story" that had run me for most of my life. I cannot put into words how amazing this feels! I now know what it feels like to be FREE and to love with an open heart. The experience of being with Sebastian has created a miracle in my life beyond anything I could have dreamed of and I am so grateful to have finally released my story.

Lori B.  Toronto, Ontario

Lori B. Toronto, Ontario

Terri F.

Terri F.

I wanted to gift myself with something special, so I registered for a 2-day immersion retreat in Sedona with Sebastian. I came to be restored, to empower myself, and to set myself free. Sebastian met me in each of my intentions and walked alongside as a close friend; allowing, accepting, and embracing all of the Self that I offered through my inquiry and awareness. In this space of shared consciousness we reconciled any felt separation and remembered as one, the joy of belonging to a family of universal truths: I am. We are. All is working for us, turning and returning us always to Love. I still stand in amazement of it all! I wanted to give myself a gift, and the experience has been greater than I ever could have imagined! It's giving has expanded beyond the limits of that time and spilled over into a daily outpouring, more remembered, more complete, making Life a Love, most sweet.  "Thank you" now rests on each movement of my breath. 

I met Sebastian February of 2012 in Seattle WA. Upon meeting him I was to drawn to his eyes, they were the most beautiful eyes I had ever looked into. I felt like I was looking into a universe filled with so much love, tears just started to flow from me. He told me that everything is exactly in perfect order and that I showed up to come home to what I already knew. Sebastian assured me that everything in my life had led me to this very moment and nothing I had ever done was wrong or bad and that I finally chose to come home to my body and my divine. I was so nervous and excited. The session was very relaxing and extremely gentle. After our session ended


Sebastian explained to me that my body was going to be adjusting to the work he had done and to just let all the emotions come to surface so they could be released. He also took my information so he could check in with me, which he did and I was so grateful to hear from him. The next few days after my session I felt very emotional and wonderful all wrapped into one beautiful package. I also felt Sebastian was gently holding my hand as my body was transitioning into this new space. My experience with Sebastian was life changing for me. If you truly desire connection with your body and the divine, spending time with Sebastian is a magnificent golden ticket to that destination you and your body will be forever grateful for.

Tracy V.

Tracy V.

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